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What is the TILT Forward Initiative?

The TILT Forward Initiative (TFI) is a national, strategic initiative of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) designed to develop and launch scalable product, capital and marketing solutions for mission-focused lenders. Through TFI, AEO is incubating critical network infrastructure that is designed to enable participating nonprofit lenders and business service providers to become the “go to” solution for banks, government agencies, and social impact investors seeking to reach underserved Main Street businesses.


How can the TILT Forward Initiative help your organization?


DreamFundIn order to reach underserved Main Street businesses on a big scale, AEO recently launched DreamFund, a shared utility that enables microfinance institutions across the country to access products for small and micro businesses licensed from third-party sources. Participating mission-focused lenders will be able to offer these products to qualified borrowers at prices well-below market rates.


DreamFund presents funders with a structure that limits investor risk (and diligence) to the prospective performance of the loan products that a funder supports. At the same time, DreamFund is designed to distribute capital and philanthropic support to participating mission-focused lenders. Funders will be able to target specific geographies, specific mission-focused lenders and/or specific business owner characteristics (e.g. women, veterans).

The TILT Forward Initiative (TFI) gives banks the opportunity to:

  1. Reach underserved entrepreneurs;
  2. Support mission-focused lenders;
  3. Satisfy requirements for all three Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) tests.


More specifically, banks can:


Refer businesses

  • TFI represents a scalable and compliant “Second Look” solution
    • Option to select referral partner(s) or randomly assign a mission-focused lender
    • Referral management system permits tracking and reporting outcomes



  • Opportunities to deploy capital for business loans up to $150,000
    • Debt: Loans directly to mission-focused lenders using the platform
    • Equity: Opportunity to invest in SPV(s)
  • Opportunities to invest in capacity building & innovation


Engage employees & communities

  • Scalable, turnkey solutions for high impact volunteer opportunities
    • Direct one-to-one mentoring and coaching of business owners
    • Volunteer consulting projects for mission-focused lenders and other not-for-profits
  • Sponsor local events

The TILT Forward Initiative (TFI) presents a high impact and efficient path for companies to reach underserved entrepreneurs, including opportunities for high-impact product development.


More specifically, companies can:


Refer businesses

  • Scalable infrastructure to enable businesses in your network to access capital and high impact services
    • Referral management system permits tracking and reporting outcomes


Finance micro and small businesses

  • Opportunities to deploy capital for business loans up to $150,000
    • Loans or Grants: Direct support to non-profits
    • Equity: Opportunity to invest in SPV(s)


Distribute, license and/or co-create products and services

  • Resources available for co-creation
  • Distribution channel to scale proven, high-impact solutions for underserved entrepreneurs


How can investors learn more about becoming a partner of this important initiative?

Please fill out the form below and someone from the TILT Forward team will contact you shortly!  Thank you for your interest!