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industrialOur partnership: TILT Forward is proud to partner with Industrial Bank and excited to play a small part in the bank’s mission to create a vibrant local economy in the Washington, DC region.

What it means for you: For over two years, TILT Forward has successfully connected entrepreneurs like you with innovative loan products and services so that you can grow your business. Our partnership with Industrial Bank means that you’ll have access to one of these products – a short-term, working capital loan product.

Save time and money. This product is available to you at a steep discount – the TILT Forward program has saved other business owners like you an average of $2700 per loan versus market rates. As well, we think you’ll find the process of applying for this loan to be a snap – no financial projections, no business plans, just a one-page application and the last three months of bank statements. Applying can take minutes, not hours (begin the application process below).

Qualifying criteria:

This product is for established businesses, those with at least:

    • 1 year in business,
    • $100K in annual revenue, and
    • a 500 credit score

Product features:

  • Loan Amounts: $5K to $50K/$250K
  • Terms: 3 months to 18 months
  • Unsecured (no collateral required)
  • Rate: ?%
  • Discounted vs. market rate
  • Easy and free application
  • Fast decisions (less than 2 business days)
  • Quick closing
  • Daily automated re-payments

Sample uses:

  • Time sensitive needs
  • Purchasing inventory or equipment
  • Bridging receivable gaps
  • Launching marketing campaigns

Sample loan

    • Approval Amount: $20,000
    • Term: 12 months
    • Origination Fee (2%): $400
    • Amount You Receive: $19,600
    • Total Interest: $2,106
    • Total You Pay Back: $22,106
    • Daily Payment: $87.72
    • # of Payments: 252 (M-F)

The first step of applying for this product is to simply fill out the form below.

There is no application fee. We look forward to working with you!

We’ll be in touch within 1 business day.